Erez Zukerman

Erez Zukerman

I communicate.

About Me

A writer, an editor, a Web developer—not necessarily in that order.

I've been obsessed with computers and technology for as long as I can remember. I was online before the Internet was a thing, back in BBS days.

Over the years, I've learned that just because something is shiny doesn't mean it's good. I find the good stuff and let the world know about it.

What keeps me going isn't the gadgets or the neat software—it's the fact that every day, my work helps people get stuff done. I like writing, editing, and coding—but my true love is helping people.

I don't write about big business and enterprise solutions; I'm not into buzzwords. I write about tools actual people use.

I'm very much into Android these days. I've written lots of Android how-to's and reviews.

I write about the Web, too. Webapps, websites, and development tools.

Windows is my OS of choice (for now, at least), so I cover Windows apps every now and then.

My code doesn't compile: I'm all about scripting languages. Some of my favorites are Python and Ruby (which I use for general-purpose scripting), as well as AutoHotkey for automating Windows. I often code my own tools.

The other kind of coding I do is Web development: I love front-end work, since that's where prose and presentation connect. I made this site—HTML, CSS (Sass), and JavaScript.

Mad Mimi

Simple, lovely, email newsletters.

My job is to help Mimi go global. Every new language Mad Mimi is offered in is an exciting milestone, and I'll be making the service available in as many languages as possible. There are lots of moving parts to consider, both technological and human, which makes this a big and exciting role with lots of room for creativity and the occasional bit of chutzpah.

The role includes putting in place the Rails localization infrastructure, finding and running translators, setting up local support in new regions, helping with localized promotions, and more.


Possibly the world's best-known computer magazine.

I started writing for PCWorld in 2011. I tend to focus on software reviews—mainly Windows applications that are useful for everyday guys and small business owners.

PCWorld went Web-only in 2013, but back when it was still published on paper, some of my work was actually printed on dead trees—yay!

Check out my PCWorld author page.

Other Work

Things I've done in the past, or still do occasionally.

I don't build websites for clients—but sometimes I get to work with a team on a new website, and that's always fun. I love everything about it, from wireframing something that doesn't exist yet to split-testing and refining an established site.

Based in Taiwan, Tibbo makes network-connected programmable controllers that run on their own IDE and can be programmed in BASIC. They were doing Arduino stuff before Arduino existed. I worked there from 2003-2006, then again from 2007-2011, and we're still friends.

AOL-owned blog Download Squad was where I first started blogging about software. I wrote there from 2010 until it shut down in 2011.

A Swiss-made tool for helping people find the best apps. Users publish lists of their favorite Android apps, and other users can subscribe. As the community manager, I got to interact personally with our users, pick which content gets featured on the homepage, and create official Playboard app lists, too. I worked with the team to figure out which features to implement—working on the right priorities is key for a startup.

MakeUseOf is a large tech blog, where I started writing back on 2011. I later went on to be the Story Ideas editor for the site, as well as the Android Section editor. I mostly specialized in evergreen, useful, app reviews. Check out my author page.

Apart from my other work, I've been a staff member in the Church of Scientology in Tel-Aviv for 13 years, from 1998 until 2011. For most of that time, I worked as a technical translator, reaching a high level of confidence and competence in English-Hebrew translations. I did just about every form of translation: Simultaneous spoken translation, film subtitle translation, website UI translation, and translation of lecture transcripts and technical articles.